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I am young enough to know everything
Curiosity killed the cat. I'm not the cat.
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7th-Feb-2009 01:36 am - Torchwood S3 Trailer Analysis
Loved the trailer, the quick succession of images  kept me on my toes, and I absolutely can't wait.

But one of my biggest faults is the fact I absolutely have to deconstruct everything that intrigues me, and what more intriguing at the moment than the trailer? The Bermuda Triangle? Rift in Time and Space, II, and location of the lost TW4 (the islands are British). Kennedy's murderer? Dr No. JB's white teeth? Bleach.

Anyway, using the spoilers I remember (looking for them now would be cheating), and everyone's clothes (best time-stamps in trailers), I will try to make sense of that jumble of sequences, illustrated with crappy Youtube screencaps because I am absolutely shit at everything video-related, and because admit it, you know the trailer by heart now anyway.
Love the new title.

SPOILERS. And a LOT of PICS (29)Collapse )

Please, feel free to comment, I know it's long, the images are crappy and the theories cracky, but I'd love some feedback, even if it's a slap to the head.
9th-Mar-2008 02:19 pm(no subject)
coffee club
2 posts in a day!

After posting, I did a quiz, and it asked if I had poster a link to a charity site on my LJ. and that's when I realized I hadn't. Which is quite surprising, as I visit at least one regularly.

There are many causes I agree with, but the one I support whole heartedly is action against hunger. For that matter, I'm a donator to the association, and I regularly visit FreeRice.com ; What I like about this site is that it's a win-win situation : not only do you donate rice to those who need it by answering a quiz correctly, but you learn new words at the same time, which you may never had had the occasion to encounter.

So, to whoever is reading this entry, take a few minutes to answer some questions, so someone, somewhere, can have a meal. And tonight, you'll go to bed a bit more cultured ;)
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